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Front Ramp / Racer Attachment Front Ramp / Racer Attachment

Price:  £35.19Including VAT at 17.5%

Grip Glove Attachment Grip Glove Attachment

Price:  £24.96Including VAT at 17.5%

Microtone Microtone
The Microtone Muscle Stimulator system is a pocket sized electronic toning system that stimulates muscles with electronic impulses that is very easy to use. With 5 different toning programmes the user can choose to either gently reieve muscle stiffness (ideal for injury repair and massage) or dramatically exercise the muscle of choice (ideal for passive muscle exercise). The Microtone is a wireless system that is easily applied using the self-adhesive pads, choose your programme and commence exercising.

Each Microtone System Includes:
2 Microtone Pads
2 Microtone Cases
2 Batteries
1 Spare Adhesive 

Price:  £24.95Including VAT at 17.5%

X-Static Sock X-Static Sock
The X-Static Sock is designed to be worn with comfort during long periods of inactivity. They have been engineered in a way that puts added pressure on the ankle and foot area, whilst having a lighter pressure on the leg. This type of sock can reduce swelling on the foot reportedly caused by long hours of inactivity, for example prolonged periods in a wheelchair thus reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Socks Types:

Dress Sock - for normal shoe wear = £8.99
Walker Sock - for outdoor and boot use = £9.99
Sport Sock - for use with trainers etc = £7.99
Trainer Liner - a smaller lining sock for trainers = £5.99
House Sock - with grip soles as an alternative to slippers = £6.99 

Sock Type

Wheelchair Gloves Wheelchair Gloves
A quality padded wheelchair glove of our own design with lycra top and leather / suede underside for maximum grip even in wet. 

Price:  £9.99Including VAT at 17.5%

Leather Training Shoe Leather Training Shoe
A quality lightweight leather training shoe with elasticated top and single tie lace, extremely comfortable.

Available in black or white and sizes 3 - 12. 

Price:  £23.76Including VAT at 17.5%