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Disability Fitness > Cardiovascular
Aero-Trak Aero-Trak
A revelutionary design cardiovascular machine that is in effect a treadmill for virtually any wheelchair, simply roll on, lock in and start to use. Built in inertia provides realistic motion effect, whilst the easy to use variable resistance simulates inclines, and a multi-functional computer provides instant feedback including pulse monitoring. Foldsaway for ease of storage and includes full instructions on DVD / Video.

Optional extras include a front ramp for access from the front of the machine and an adjustable Racer Attachment for 3 wheeled racing wheelchairs. 

Price:  £898.82Including VAT at 17.5%

Aero Ski Aero Ski
A cardiovascular machine powered by either upper or lower body or a mixture of both, simulating skiing type action for the user. With easy to use variable resistance and a multi-functional computer provides instant feedback including pulse monitoring. Footplates with securing straps are individually adjustable and removable providing the user with the option to passively exercise the legs, the seat swivels a full 360 degrees for ease of access with both lower and upper body securing straps. By lifting one end of the machine slightly the storage wheels come into play allowing it to be easily moved for storage.

Optional extras include Grip Gloves that enable those with a weak grip to secure their hands enabling the machine to be used. 

Price:  £875.32Including VAT at 17.5%

The grappler The grappler
Developed by Torzo Ltd. The Grappler is a cardiovascular & resistance exercise machine that simulates the action of rope climbing from a seated position. Oringinally designed for the wheelchair user, it has become increasinglypopular with all sport and fitness enthusiasts. With a very realistic feel it makes serious exercise possible in the warmth of your own home or gym. The effort required is adjustable while a fitness computer provides readouts of speed, time and distance. The smooth action of the rope continues to roll freely due to a unique inertia system simulating the effects of rope climbing and provide a full cardiovascular workout with the added benefit that resistance can be increased or decreased by a simple flick of the computer, changing it into a very effective resistance machine. 

Price:  £2,291.25Including VAT at 17.5%

Sci-Fit Pro II Sci-Fit Pro II
Developed by rehabilitation professionals the PRO II can be appropriate for spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or other conditions by providing aerobic and strengthening workouts in a wide range of work levels. Cranks turn in unison so arms can do the work and still involve legs passively, or the strong side of the body can support the weak side. For orthopaedic rehab, range of motion can be altered as rehabilitation. Bi-directional movement and resistance with upper and lower body in unison, single lever removable seat for wheelchair access, accepts optional wheelchair platform and contains wheelchair tie downs, upper and lower crank systems are individually removable and adjustable. Computer can be adjusted to 200 levels of resistance, accepts high or low support boots as an option. 

Price:  £3,786.11Including VAT at 17.5%