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PL10 Telephone Amplifier/Coupler PL10 Telephone Amplifier/Coupler
What will the portable telephone amplifier do for me?
If telephone caller’s voices seem very quiet or muffled you will benefit from using our small, lightweight Portable Telephone Amplifier which gives you the freedom to use the phone at home, in the office or when out and about. It can boost the incoming speech by at least twelve times and is small enough to be attached to most telephone handsets with the adjustable rubber strap.

As well as amplifying the incoming speech the Portable Telephone Amplifier also produces a loop signal which makes it suitable for use by people who wish to use their hearing aid switched to the "T" setting.
how does the portable telephone amplifier work?
The Portable Telephone Amplifier has an adjustable strap which fits over your telephone receiver and holds the amplifier in place over the earpiece. It can be left in place on your handset provided that it does not prevent the handset from fully disconnecting the call.

Please note that the Portable Telephone Amplifier is not suitable for use with mobile telephones and many cordless (portable) telephones.
what will i get when i order the portable telephone amplifier?
If you choose a Portable Telephone Amplifier you will receive:

* A battery powered Telephone Amplifier fitted with a combined rotary on/off and volume control plus an adjustable rubber strap
* A carrying pouch
* A spare rubber strap
* An AAA battery
* Operating instructions

is the portable telephone amplifier easy to install?
Yes the Portable Telephone Amplifier requires no installation. 

Price:  £13.51Including VAT at 17.5%

L51 Telephone Handset Amplifier L51 Telephone Handset Amplifier
What will the phoneplus do for me?
If telephone callers’ voices seem very quiet or muffled you will benefit from using our Phoneplus. The Phoneplus is used to increase the volume of the caller’s voice through your handset with the addition of boosting high or low tones if required.

how does the phoneplus work?
The Phoneplus is a discreet, stylish, battery operated device that connects between the base unit and handset of most corded handset telephones. It can be left connected when no volume or tone boosting is needed without affecting the performance of your telephone. The phoneplus automatically switches “on” when the handset is lifted, and switches “off” when the handset is replaced.
what will i get when i order the phoneplus?
If you choose a Phoneplus you will receive:

* A Phoneplus amplifier with slide volume and tone adjustment, Boost Button and a headset/Neckloop socket.
* A connecting lead from the Phoneplus to the base of your telephone
* 2 x AA batteries which may last up to two years (based on 20 minutes use per day)
* Operating instructions

is the phoneplus easy to install?
The Phoneplus requires no technical knowledge to assemble.

Please note that it cannot be used with mobile telephones, cordless telephones or telephones where the keys are located on the handset.
* In some cases the phoneplus may not work with your telephone, the new PL-51 features a Handset wiring module which will allow you to change the settings within the amplifier so it will work with almost every corded telephone.  

Price:  £27.61Including VAT at 17.5%

TA-2 Telephone Amplifier TA-2 Telephone Amplifier

* Compatible with most home and office telephones that have detachable (corded) handsets.
* Automatic switch off
* Rotary volume control increases incoming sounds by up to 40 dB
* Rotary tone control
* Mains adapter (4 x AA alkaline batteries optional)
* Output jack socket for neck loop etc  

Price:  £69.91Including VAT at 17.5%