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Statistics show that the world's population is ageing and many people require frequent medication to prolong an active life.

Also, if these tablets are not taken at the correct time, the effect of the whole treatment may be reduced. If a person needs to take a number of tablets during the day it is very easy to forget to take the required dose at the correct time.

Tabtime is a fully self contained and programmable pill-box which can alert the user up to eight times in any twenty four hour period. Research has shown that this number of alarms should cater for most combinations of medication and dosage rates.

Tabtime (Black) Tabtime (Black)
Never forget to take your medication again with


The electronic pocket pillbox with the unique audio and visual warning system especially designed for the busy person on the move.

" Easy to use
" Fully Flexible Programming
" Audio and visual alarms
" Up to 8 alarms per day
" Choice of volume/tone
" 32 tablet capacity
" set it and forget it

Price:  £21.14Including VAT at 17.5%