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Vagole Ltd Company LogoVAGOLE meaning: Vehicle Approach Ground & Object Lighting Equipment

The Vagole System was developed after the founder had had 12 years operational experience in the Police Service. When operating vehicles at night and in all weather conditions he recognised the need for a hands-free lighting system for the safety and convenience of the occupants of the vehicle, and to assist in manoeuvring in the dark.

As a result, after extensive consultation and over a period of 3 years, the Vagole system was created.

The Vagole system can be applied to improve safety across a wide range of vehicle uses.

Safety Lighting System Safety Lighting System
Designed to work automatically and seamlessly with the vehicle’s electrical system (such as when reversing), Vagole allows the driver to concentrate on the task in hand.

By lighting the area surrounding a vehicle, Vagole allows driver and passengers exceptional all-round visibility at night, but is not on during normal driving.

The benefits of the Vagole system are clearly seen across a wide range of uses: whether you’ve broken down in an emergency situation, on your own approaching your vehicle in darkened areas or a wheelchair user, there are many uses for the Vagole system in terms of extra safety and convenience for everyone.

With the Vagole system fitted, not only is personal safety greatly improved for the driver and any passengers, but also other road users and pedestrians are more aware of a moving or stationary vehicle.

In today’s changing world where personal safety is of great concern, Vagole enhances your safety and security with levels of vehicle illumination far beyond that which is currently available.

Fitting Requirements

  • Designed to fit to any vehicle that has a ground clearance of 16.5cm (95% of vehicles)
  • When fitting, the lights can be directed in almost any direction
  • Easily Installed - no drilling into vehicle sub-frame required
  • Fully fitted in 1 -2 hours
  • No wire cutting necessary, simply connect and plug in.
  • Free Training provided for Commercial Organisations and Approved Fitters
  • Includes comprehensive fitting instructions

For further information please contact us on 0845 4561091. 

Price:  £179.99Including VAT at 17.5%